Who I Am

Hi there! I’m Brett Wagner, a product designer living and working in Boulder, CO. I currently lead creative at Mocavo, as well as dabble in my own creative projects. I love building online experiences and designing beautiful things. I focus primarily on branding, art direction, web UI, information architecture and company collateral.

Besides my obsession with polka-dot socks and fancy shoes, I am an avid outdoorsman, cyclist and concert-goer. I am co-founder of The Bespoke Edge, a custom clothing shop, and have successfully funded a Kickstarter project.

My Design Background

A little about my background. I studied Environmental Design at the University of Colorado. While I decided not to pursue a career in architecture, I am fascinated by the design of the built world and everyday things. I decided to professionally pursue a career in digital design and found myself at a startup called Mocavo. I have in-depth and first-hand experience of the workings of a startup from right after Series A funding all the way through to a successful exit. In contrast, I work closely with my family’s bootstrapped company, The Bespoke Edge, both as a designer and co-founder.


Strategy & Brand Identity

A strong identity is much more than a logo. A holistic approach to create an identity that can give a company a system in which to communicate its ideas and voice across all mediums and in all situations.

Website & Application Design

Digital design to create an interactive web interface. I can transform an idea into a digital product, marketing page, mobile app, ecommerce website and vehicle for communicating your ideas.

User Experience

Taking a step back from the pixels to understand the user funnel and life of a customer from a higher level. Site optimization, user testing and customer personas.

Information Architecture

Organizing information into a cohesive and usable site map with clear hierarchy and structure. Creating user stories and user flows.

Graphic Design

Knowledge and tools to create effective and beautiful visual communication. Thoughtful design can create delightful and useful experiences, from publications to signage and posters to stamps.

Collateral & Brand Assets

Physical representation of a brand through thoughtful and unique assets. Packaging, stamps, business cards, promotional and conference items, labels and anything else a company needs to get started or grow their business.

Say Hello

While I'm not currently exploring new opportunities, I am always open to chat and learn about your project.

Drop me a line at brett[at]bmwagner[dot]com