Project Details

  • Brand Identity & Art Direction
  • Website
  • Product Photgraphy
  • Promotional Materials
  • Email & Communications

Bespoke Edge

Affordable men’s custom clothing

The Bespoke Edge is a family run business whose goal is to put the human element back into how men shop for clothes. What is more fun and rewarding than a family owned and run business? This small business consists of my father, brother and myself. Together we provide a unique and quality men’s bespoke clothing service.

My father has been in the menswear business for 37 years, The Bespoke Edge is a modern and lean collaboration created from that experience. One of the unique design challenges of this business is to create thoughtful and affordable assets that can be used in many situations. A robust and easy to use website and online store, an online shirt customizer and measurement system, a clothing label that can be used for both a shirt and a suit, thoughtful business cards and thank you notes. Everything from the online presence, to email campaigns, print ads, video direction, product photography and internal documents and order forms.